Over the past year, we have been providing free training and rehabilitation to the youth and veterans of our community.  Many of these veterans and youth come from financial situations that do not allow them the ability to afford a gym membership, let alone the one-on-one training that we can provide.  We have a passion to provide this service to those in need.

This is only made possible with the funding we receive through various grants and the generous donations from members of our community like you.  These donations help sustain our efforts and benefit those in which we serve.

Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support.  We hope that you will be able to join us in our continuing effort to serve our youth and veterans.  We are looking for those that can help us keep this program viable.

Contact us for donation options and a receipt will be provided to you as we are a 501c3 not-for-profit.  If you have any questions about our program or want to stop in and check out our facilities, we would love to have you!

Thank you for your time.  Together we can help our community.  Please contact  Foundation Fitness to make your donation today!  Phone: 208-660-9378, Email: FoundationFitnessHayden@gmail.com

 *Here is a little more about our programs*

 What we do: Foundation Fitness’ Veterans and At-Risk Youth Programs provide physical training, education and nutritional advice to our Youth and Veterans in an enriching environment. Our professional team members are trained to meet the needs of each individual, improving their overall health and wellness.

How we do it: We have assembled a team of highly qualified members with innovative technology to deliver today’s top information and training in a context that is inviting to youth and veterans in our community. With the ability of our team to look at each individual and identify the possible barriers to a healthy lifestyle, we can specifically give them the tools and resources needed inside their current living situation to make real life changes starting today that last a lifetime.

Why we do it: The mission of Foundation Fitness’ Veterans and At-Risk Youth Program is to change their mindset and lifestyle through providing a foundation of health and wellness and break the vicious life cycle of unhealthy living.

Conclusion: These programs will improve the community by changing one life at a time through dedicated professionals who provide education, accountability, and resources tailored to each individual to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.



North Idaho Lung & Asthma
Foundation Fitness
Community 1st Bank
Ground Force Worldwide
ISU/Haddock Insurance
Washington Trust Bank
Northwest Specialty Hospital
PayCheck Connection LLC
Kootenai Title

Scott Lane
Gale Stegmann
Mike & Tena Bibin
LCF Enterprises
Matt & Jeff Lyman
Joel Pearl
T. Lariviere Equipment & Excavation, Inc.
Joe Dobson/Coldwell Banker
Kirk Robinson
Wardian Wealth Management
Brent Regan
Aspen Homes and Development LLC
Lynne Ruffin-Smith
Pioneer Title
First American Title
Windermere Real Estate
Attorney Northwest
Academy Mortgage
Blattstein Crafted
North Idaho Title
Ron & Shelley Rosenberger

John & Suedy McKeeman
Margaret & Al Ogram
Mark & Nicole Randolph
Sasha Fisher
Mack Schedler

Wayne Gretzky
Brett Hull
Brett Nearing
CastAway Fly Shop & Dustin Ainsworth
Dan Pinkerton
Foundation Fitness
Margie Simmons & RT Smith
Satay Bistro-Robbie Elder
Kirk Robinson
Joe Houser & David Yellowhorse


Cheryl Burchell
Todd & Angela King
John McMurray
CdA Vikings High School Booster Club
Kyra Beamis- Buffalo Wild Wings
Hippo Car Wash
Diane Hughes
Joan Genter- Windermere
Face Techniques
Dr Kevin & Kay Chang
Chris Costa- Costa Fabrication
Les Schwab-Dwayne Glesmer
Brain Sanders- Thumbs Up
Mark Carl
Michelle Stahlecker- Unwind Spa & Salon
Karen Richards- Unwind Spa & Salon
Hal Donahue
Lorna Finman
Latah Creek Winery
Aspen Sound
McIntosh Automotive & Marine
Simply Chic- Sheila Veitenheimer
Christina Caan- Permanent Makeup Artist
John Lasher
John Beutler
State Farm/Brian Goetz Agency
Mark Randolph- Rogers Ice Cream & Burgers

Dan Kleckner- Northwest Golfers for Warriors
Rita O’Neill- MDU Resources
Chad Oakland- Northwest Realty Group
Greene Idaho Foundation
Cosign Furniture- Erik Rock
Ron McIntire- Super 1 Foods
Stan Schedler- Schedler Mack Insurance
CdA Tribe
Ron Rosenberger
Lorna Finman
Erik Rock
Pat Wardian
Misti Borgen
Tom Lariviere
Carolyn Schultz
JT Jacobsen
Darrin Dacute
Tony Smith
Kirk Kindley
Wes Veach
Chad Oakland
Troy Tymesen
Micheal Bibin
Dick Jurvelin
Rita Michalak
Brad Ward
Dale Stamper
Joe Houser
Eddie Davis
Gil Rossner
Paul Schrette
Lew Allert
Tracey Tindall
Kerri Thoreson
Scott Peterson
Wade Jacklin
Robert Scoggins
Todd Hoopman
John McKeeman
Jay Lillefloren
Kirk Robinson
Sean Cherry
Craig Hunter
Eric Soles
Robert Dodd
Joan Genter
Joe Dobson
Sandra Van Doran
Travis Potter
Joe Rosen
Margie Simmons
Bill & Helen Kinder


827 W. Prairie Ave, Hayden, ID 83835
(Located behind Windermere Real Estate Office way back down the long driveway).

(208) 660-9378

Address:  1950 Bellerive Ln #106-A, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
Phone: (208) 660-9378