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ALSO…..Come visit our Wellness Practisioners:  Chiropractic: Brian Drake 208-660-7757 , Therapeutic Massage,  Daryl Johnson 509-863-2166,  Human Body Mechanic Brian Sanders 208-659-0178, Nutrition and ProVision Meals Michelle Tufford  208-215-4233,  Acupuncture & Herbs, Nelson Comerci 208-946-8075,  Physical Therapy & NuBack Institute Eric and Jenny 208-635-5219, Vitamen Drip CDA, Angela Sattler 208-930-5823,  Yoga, Yin / Restoritative, Athletes, Beginners on up Laura Denning 208-512-1808

Information about our Veterans Program (dedicated days and times)
and highlights from our last fundraiser.

At Foundation Fitness our focus is:

To help you achieve YOUR health and fitness goals

         ACCOUNTABILITY IS CRUCIAL TO HAVE SUSTAINED RESULTS AND PRODUCE REAL LIFESTYLE CHANGES We do not offer an “Open Gym…One Size fits All….Figure it out yourself.”  type Membership, instead we take the simple philosophy that we are all individuals. With specific requirements, goals, situations, time frames and we all want to be as efficient with our time and efforts as possible. Our Members desire to have an experienced professional create, manage, instruct / teach, motivate and oversee their programs all while maintaining a fair reasonable cost. Its the Key to their long term sustained success. We do an extensive initial evaluation / interview to determine your specific goals, workout schedule, previous injury, motivational road blocks, nutritional concerns, medications and physical limitations. This evaluation includes a full body composition scan, FMS flexibility test, and agility benchmarks. This information is then put into a workout built especially for you. We are there every step of the way with a skilled trainer on the floor to insure you are doing your workouts correctly and safely. Trainers are there to coach, motivate, help hold you accountable and oversee every workout. We provide you with all this at a very affordable investment using state of the art equipment in an ADULT ONLY environment (teens on up) At Foundation Fitness we are serious about your success and also perform another evaluation about every 90 days to verify improvement and allow you to voice any concerns or workout routine modifications needed. We also put your entire workout on a mobile application that allows us to track each exercise you do, the reps, the weight and the sets. It also allows you to view the exercise in a short video to insure proper form and safety. Our cardio machine track your individual workouts too NO OTHER FITNESS FACILITY can come remotely close to the low monthly amount you invest in yourself verses the huge value our experienced team provides. Teaming Up with Experienced Professionals is the most cost effective way to achieve your goals. Please come down and check us out.  We would love the opportunity to earn your business.   Monthly Specials starting at ony $149 per month😎


Below is an overview of how your customized training regimen is created.


Step 1


This is a comprehensive one-on-one evaluation where we take specific measurements (body fat, composition, flexibility, endurance, etc) discuss and document your past training approaches, any past or present injuries, and your short-term and long-term goals to formulate your specific program


Step 2


One of our Performance Specialists will personally walk you through all aspects of your up coming workouts including how to use all equipment, our innovative video programs that demonstrate the exact motions, reps and weights you are going to use.  ALWAYS trainers are on the floor to instruct, motivate and encourage your workouts.


Step 3


Every 90 days we will conduct another fitness evaluation, this insures we are going in the right direction to address your goals!  We identify needed modifications  / specific workouts, and phase them accordingly to enable consistent progress.

Step 4


Although we are present to monitor your individual workouts,  Your specific and candid input is vital to insure we are maximizing your results and maintaining an environment you enjoy and would be glad to invite other family and friends too. We are serious about your results and do appreciate your help

Call, Text or Email today to set up your evaluation!

Call: (208) 660-9378 or Text 509-981-7774 or FoundationFitnessHayden@gmail.com

What if, while taking the steps to better your own health, you are also bettering the lives of those in the community who deserve assistance?

Foundation Fitness delivers a technologically advanced approach to customized fitness, while also enhancing the wellness of our community overall. Our expert trainers will we help you achieve your objectives – no matter what level of fitness you’re at. At the same time, we’re striving to improve the health of our Local Veterans, First Responders as well as our community’s kids who have limited opportunities to elevate their fitness levels. Keep reading to see how we accomplish this lofty goal.



At Foundation Fitness Wellness Center, you’ll experience a wide range of practitioners all under one roof to achieve your one stop total Health and Wellness. Chiropractic, Human Body Mechanic, Nutrition, Therapeutic Massage,  Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, nuBack Institute, Vitamin Drip CVDA, Yoga and of course a state of the art training facility with experienced trainers to guide you

Open to All Adults (Teens on Up)

Our fitness program exceeds that of any other “gym” out there, and it works for everyone. We utilize exclusive, proprietary fitness technology to garner results – delivering extreme customization for every member that walks through our doors. We craft tailored workouts, offer nutritional guidance, assess detailed reports, then adjust workout regimens as needed. This is elite training for anyone who desires it.

Veterans Program

Many Veterans have injuries – both mental and physical – that prevent them from resuming their day to day lives. The program offers state of the art equipment and software systems that offer a customized workout for each individual. Paired with a personal trainer for each work out, veterans receive a comprehensive program that meets both their physical and emotional needs.

Youth Program

The Youth program is designed to promote health, fitness, and knowledge. It encourages sustainable lifestyle changes through a network of volunteer mentors who are passionate about improving adolescent health. The program also addresses high school athletes, giving them an opportunity to train expertly when their sport is off-season. Our approach has been developed with input from registered nurses, dietitians, and physicians in Kootenai County.


To sponsor our Youth Athlete or Veterans program, or to donate to our non-profit foundations, please call us at 208-660-9378. Your donation will be tax deductible.



The Foundation Fitness program, from a technical standpoint, far exceeds that of any other “gym” out there. We utilize exclusive, proprietary fitness technology to garner results – it’s a platform that delivers extreme customization for every member that walks through our doors. We craft tailored workouts, assess detailed reports, then adjust workout regimens as needed. Here is an overview of our specific offerings:


All Stations provide members with individualized training protocols based on their in-depth performance evaluations then monitors their progress to ensure continuous gains. The Stations are set up rows, including all of the equipment necessary for an effective training session. These stations can be reserved by members on our online scheduling system. Our Performance Specialist will provide coaching and guidance through each session.


Our kiosks offer a structured workout updated daily, based on the common goals of our clientele and adhering to the successful methodology and program design of Foundation Fitness.  The Kiosk system provides participants with a video demonstration along with coaching cues for each exercise, acting as an assistant to the Performance Specialist providing guidance on-site during training sessions.


Foundation Fitness provides sports performance training for youth, high school, college and professional athletes using the methodology powered by our partners at EXOS (formerly Athletes’ Performance).  This system has been tested and proven successful by countless NFL, MLB, MLS, Navy Seals and other high level sports and tactical athletes.


Understanding the importance of nutrition produces invaluably healthy habits. The path to success isn’t about deprivation, but about being proactive with your health by combining nutrition and exercise for maximum results. Here, food is seen as a way to fuel your body for optimal energy and production, not as a way of dealing with stress or curbing emotions. Our Nutrition consultants also offer an online program, with all plans, recommendations, and correspondence happening via email.


Rehabilitation can help restore you to peak condition, as well as prepare you to continually enhance your performance and reduces the risk of repeated injury. We do this through pillar strength, movement prep, and regeneration. These systems focus on four key areas: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. Our holistic approach helps you work on certain muscles and movements to return them to athletic function, or everyday life function.


Our fitness program exceeds that of any other “gym” out there, and it works for everyone. We utilize exclusive, proprietary fitness technology to garner results – delivering extreme customization for every member that walks through our doors. We craft tailored workouts, offer nutritional guidance, assess detailed reports, then adjust workout regimens as needed. This is basic on up to elite training for anyone who desires it.

EXPERIENCE the ALTER G Anti-Gravity Treadmill




At Foundation Fitness Wellness Center, we’re focused on constantly delivering innovation. Now you can experience the cardiovascular and lower body training benefits of the groundbreaking ALTER G anti-gravity treadmill – it’s what the elite athletes are using today, but it can benefit ANYBODY!


How does it work?
Using NASA Differential Air Pressure Technology, the ALTER G supports the and “unweights” the user by as much as 80% (percentage adjustable). This unweighting does the following:


*Significantly and precisely reduces ground reaction forces
*Minimizes discomfort and encourages movement
*Creates a safe environment to work on technique
*Enables increase in training volume with less impact


Why is it an advanced workout?
The ALTER G maximizes workout effectiveness by:


*Enabling adjustable impact while walking or running
*Allowing for a gradual progression of exercise
*Minimizing the jarring forces that can lead to injury.


Stop by Foundation Fitness today for a closer look at the ALTER G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. It’s available to all members for use, at a specified cost per session.






With 2 years at Green River Community College and 2 years at Eastern Washington University, Shawn graduated with Associates of Applied Science Degree and an Associates of Development Degree and Associates in Physical Therapy Assistant. Shawn has worked with and trained Olympic level athletes, professional athletes, and world class amateur athletes. And, he has coached and trained under Mike Pigg, multi-time World Champion Triathlete.

Shawn was a United States Army Ranger from 1980-83, so as a Veteran he understands the range of physical and mental issues that our country’s Veterans face. Supported by this experience, Shawn’s comprehensive non-profit Veteran program at Foundation Fitness continues to enhance the lives of these proud men and women.

And as a competitor, Shawn has also competed in over 188 triathlons and 19 Ironman Competitions in Hawaii, Canada, & Coeur d’Alene, ID. Shawn is an International Youth Conditioning ASSN Youth Fitness Specialist, an Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Instructor, and a Committee Member of HEAL Idaho (Healthy Eating Active Living).

Member of the Medical Professional Board for ASEA.
ASEA Athlete
Over 28 years in the Physical Therapy Field
Over 21 years in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Field
Over 10 years as a Firefighter and EMT
Personal Trainer for 16 years
International Youth Conditioning ASSN Youth Fitness Specialist
Associates of Applied Science Degree
Associates of Development Degree
Associates in Physical Therapy Assistant
NDT Certified I and II
Bobath Certified
Watsu Certified Level I
Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute Certification
Certified in Burdenko Method for Land & Water
Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
Fitness Nutrition, ISSA
Phase 1 and 2 Mentorship Athletes Performance
Certified Lifeguard, Red Cross
Member, New York Strength Fitness Professionals International
All Army Wrestling Team
Strength & Conditioning Coach for Wheel Chair Athletes 1993 – 1996
Strength & Conditioning Coach for High School Track & Field 1994 – to Present
Have worked with & trained Olympic level athletes – e.g. Nancy Kerrigan
Have worked with & trained professional athletes – Boston Ballet Association
Certified Personal Trainer for World Class Amateur Athletes – e.g. Susan Roberts
International Youth Conditioning ASSN Youth Fitness Specialist
Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Instructor
Committee Member of HEAL Idaho (Healthy Eating Active Living)
2005 Olympic Distance Triathlon Pacific Northwest Regional Champion
2005, 2006, 2007 ranked top 2 Pacific Northwest Regional Sprint Triathlon Series
2011, 2012 Pacific Northwest Regional Sprint Triathlon Champion/National Qualifier
2011 Olympic Distance National Qualifier/finished 18th overall
2011 10th Male overall in Grand Coulee Half Ironman/2nd in age group
2012 Hayden Triathlon Age Group Course Record Holder (50-54)
2012 Radiant Lake Triathlon Age Group Course Record Holder (50-54)
2017 Qualified for the National Championship in Olympic Distance Triathlon.
2017 Qualified for the National Championship in short course Triathlon
2017 Pacific Northwest Regional Sprint Triathlon Champion Age Group ( 55-59)
2017 Veterans 10k Run-1st Place Over All, and 1st Over All Veteran
2017 Hayden Triathlon-1st Place Age Group ( 55-59) , 1st Place Over All Veteran
2017 Race The River Triathlon -1st Place Age Group ( 55-59)
2017 Post Falls Triathlon-1st Place Age Group ( 55-59)
2017 Coeur d’ Alene Triathlon-1st Place Age Group ( 55-59)



827 W. Prairie Ave, Hayden, ID 83835 (Located way behind the Windermere Real Estate  and Dr Dance Dentistry Office. We sit on the back of 5 acres…just follow the long driveway The parking and entrance is on the side of the building). Mon-Thu 5am-7pm,  Fri 5am-6pm, Sat 6am-2pm   FoundationFitnessHayden@gmail.com  Text @ 509-981-7774 or call:

(208) 660-9378

Foundation Fitness

Address:  827 W Prairie Ave, Hayden, ID 83835
Phone: (208) 660-9378


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